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Tim Knol - When I Am King (HD)

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Like the proud parents of a new-born child, we present you with the labor of love that is the video for When I Am King by Dutch indie rocker Tim Knol. The video was painstakingly put together by hotshot superbot Sverre Fredriksen who soldered ten tons (or thereabouts) of timber to create the images, and stop motion to animate them – averaging five hours of work per second shown. The clip was produced by our hot sister, YellowSubmarine, and we took the opp to create a ‘making of’ video, which you can see on (our homage to the art of music vids) along with this video and many many more.

Director: Sverre Fredriksen (
Assistent director: Mireille de Koning
Assistants drawing/pyrography: Gözde Kırcıoğlu, Sylvie Flamand, Mustafa Kandaz, Tom van der Heiden
Additional audio intro/outtro: Bram Meindersma

Production co.: Yellow Submarine (
Producer: Ellen Hoffmann
Production manager: Olivia van Leeuwen, Anne Buiter
Production assistent: Marah Haan

Technical assistants: Maurice van der Bij, Per Sveinung Larsen, Tom van der Heiden, Zoltan Korai.

Manager Tim Knol: Matthijs van Duivenbode

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